Just tried the Army Strong Coffee that I purchased from Shoprite. Loved it and looking forward to purchasing more.

Steve M

Went to the Lyndhurst Inserra Shoprite to buy more of your delicious coffee. Can't get enough of it.

Linda P

When are you going online for e-commerce? Live in CA and love your coffee.

Maria P.

Purchased AIM High Coffee today from the Ravitz Shoprite and loved it...no acid reflux...looking forward to drinking your coffee everyday


Hello - my husband and I just so happen to find your display at PJ’s Car Wash in Manasquan as we were coming back from Volvo of Manasquan down the road to return home. We are not from the local area as we live in western Monmouth County in Monroe Township. We thoroughly enjoyed the coffee it was so smooth and relaxing! We also are huge patriotic military supporters of our All Vets and Actives.

My inquiry is in regards to whether or not you are able to ship coffee to us at home? Since it is a little difficult to get to those locations of where you currently have your displays - is home delivery a possibility? Let me know at your earliest convenience and thanks for organizing this honorable and noble project for helping Vets! It is a blessing! - Stay Safe! 

Maria Santangelo & family

Love your coffee. Just ordered more.

Carol B

It is great, and my wife likes it too. I will continue to let more people know of this great product.

Fred B