About Us ...

The Coffee Platoon®....Coffee with a Cause

The Coffee Platoon® is proud to be a Veteran Owned small business established in 2019, and dedicated to providing great tasting coffee to people worldwide. Our coffee is freshly roasted in New Jersey, by our dedicated team of experienced coffee experts.  Coffee plays a vital role in the military and first responder communities everyday. Billions of people around the world count on it everyday.  However, only delicious coffee makes our world a better place. Nobody wants coffee that is bitter, burnt or has acid reflux beans.

Acting on this, The Coffee Platoon® was founded in 2019 by CEO Mike Ferraro who is a retired Command Chief Master Sergeant who served over 30+ years in the U.S. Air Force.  He knows how to lead and deliver quality products for the world to drink delicious coffees.  The Coffee Platoon® is managed by military veterans, military family members and patriots.  Along with providing a growing selection of incredible coffees & hot chocolates, the Coffee Platoon® has a very active Coffee Fundraising Program established to help provide over 40% of funding to all non-profits and organizations nationwide striving to raise revenue for their cause.   

Our Calling

Working at The Coffee Platoon® is not your typical job.  There is no "Corner Office" or water cooler talk or break room.  It is a Calling to Serve the Veteran Community.  A feeling in your soul that drives you to want to do something good. Something you actually care about and want to make a difference on.  We harnessed that compassion to create a new path forward with our programs and services we provide.  A way to create and serve others with rewarding careers while empowering veterans to success and striving to improve lives everyday.

Try our Coffee & Hot Chocolate products and you too will be saying...

Freedom...Tastes GOOD